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Les Tours arrow A télécharger arrow Crazy for Cards
The Art of Card Manipulation Vol1-DVD-Jeff McBrideHopping Dominoes-Tour- Vernet

Crazy for Cards

9,00 €

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MOUSE TRAP (Aldo Colombini): A funny trick involving the capture of a 'mouse' (Ace of Spades) who leaves a card (cheese) full of holes.

UNIVERSALS (Roy Walton): A clever version of the standard plot, where a Joker takes the identity of three freely selected cards.

THE SHOOTIST (Radagast): A versatile manipulation where a card is shot from the deck and caught in mid air with the hand.

TELL ME WHEN TO STOP (Brian Berry): You reveal a selected card at the 'stop' of a spectator.

UNBEATABLE (Aldo Colombini): A clever and easy routine you will enjoy performing.

POINT BLANK ASSEMBLY (Peter Duffie): A three-phase routine where four-of-a-kind assemble twice and then all the cards become blank.

TRIUMPHANT TRIUMPH (Henry Evans): The world champion personally shows an amazing version of the triumph.

UNCANNY KINGS (Vanni Pulé): Great packet trick where regular Kings change into different kinds of Kings....including King Kong!

FOLLOW THE SIGN (Peter Duffie): The four Aces follow... the spectators (or vice versa?).

CAVATINA (Aldo Colombini): Two Jokers (counselors) pair up Queens and Kings.

The routines are performed by Aldo with special guest appearances by world champion HENRY EVANS and RADAGAST. A great DOWNLOAD which is a MUST for You!

Running Time Approximately 44min

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